Rejected "Fuller House" Storylines

Netflix is reviving sitcom 'Full House' as the follow up show "Fuller House" - 20 years on. D.J. Tanner-Fuller has moved back in to the family home with her 3 children, following a bereavement. Here are some of the rejected storylines:

Storyline #17
Uncle Jesse has been arraigned on charges of felony sexual assault. Defends self. Pleads for judge to "Have mercy".
Producer note: Too predictable.

Storyline #26
Kimmie Gibbler's feet still smell.
Producer note: Rejected as episode 'A' story. Being considered for episode 'B' story.

Storyline #7
Joey Gladstone revealed as San Francisco's most prolific serial killer, leaving as his crime scene calling card the freshly removed heart of his victims placed with a note saying simply "Cut. It. Out."
Producer note: I like it! It has kind of a Dexter vibe. Not as upbeat as I was hoping though. Can he also leave jokes?

Storyline #93
Uncle Jesse has become the judge on a TV trial show. Uses catch phrase “Have mercy!” 17 times an episode.
Producer note: I don’t like this one. But make sure whichever subplot we go with for Jesse he uses the line. John was insistent.

Storylines #31

Revealed that Bob Sagat's "Dirty Daddy" tour was in fact the tour of character Danny Tanner. Story picks up after children and father resume contact after their removal from his custody via the foster care system.
Producer note: Do we really want to publicize what he calls comedy?

Storyline #101
Making "Full House" history, the Olsen twins co-star at the same time. Their multiplication is explained as surprise cloning caused by ‘freak hair gel accident’.
Producer note: Looks like they’re not onboard. Shame. This would have been a great way to get Jesse involved in the backstory.

Storyline #12
In a bid to emulate his comedic heroes, Joey Gladstone becomes addicted to heroin and overdoses. 
Producer note: Love it! People have been asking for something where he dies since season 1. Save for sweeps.

Storyline #44
Entire first run of show revealed to be Michelle Tanner's dream. Extra-long length explained by drug cocktail of Oxycontin, Vicodin, Valium, Xanax, Restoil and Unisom.
Producer note: I'm onboard only if we can book the Heath Ledger hologram do a cameo.