It's Not Sesame Street. It's HBO.

Now that HBO and Sesame Street have reached an exclusive deal, its exciting to see what the hard-hitting, gritty network has in store to revitalise the long-running children's show. Here are some of the early announcements. 

Cookie Monster has breakout performance, starring as both high-end cookie supplier and conflicted addict in spinoff series, 'Baking Bad'.

Big Bird confronts the fact that Snuffleupagus was Tyler Durden the whole time.

Finally get to watch Bert and Ernie do what they've been doing since 1969, in full HD and uncensored.

Elmo now the star of Law & Order-style procedural police drama, 'Ticke Me Elmo: Special Victims Unit'.

Two-headed monster tipped to play both roles in season 3 of 'True Detective'.

Final episode ends as Big Bird walks into restaurant, sits down for dinner with Elmo, then sudden cut to black with 50/50 chance of being alive/dead.

Oscar the Grouch found dead from inevitable heroin overdose. Count von Count suspected of planting 'hotshot' in corner dispute.

HBO announces season 6 of ‘The Wire’. Storyline revolves around corrupt puppeteers and actual wires.

Every episode not brought to you by the letters 'H', 'B' and 'O' are brought to you by the letters 'F', 'U', 'C' and 'K'.